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AutoSpecialists - Now Revo Dealer
AutoSpecialists - Now Revo Dealer
New! AIRTEC Fiesta ST180 Eco Boost Intercooler upgrade
New! AIRTEC Fiesta ST180 Eco Boost Intercooler upgrade
Ready to ship worldwide - AS Performance ST180 Induction kit
Ready to ship worldwide - AS Performance ST180 Induction kit


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Here is some useful information to help you keep that show engine bay all year round.

Quick 2 minute under bonnet clean.

Most of us ford enthusiasts wash or even polish our fords at least once a week and when your just about finished leathering off your pride and joy pop the bonnet and go over all your Auto Specialists stainless and chrome products with your clean but very slightly damp leather this will give you an excellent smear free finish on the quick.
(This should not be carried out when engine bay is very dirty as it could scratch your under bonnet detailing).

What cleaning products do I use on my Auto Specialists Stainless & Chrome products?

We recommend Autoglym super resign body polish this polish is a really good all round polish idle for engine bays which are used every day as it has a very fine cutting agent this helps remove any day to day dirt and grime.

Applying polish we use the yellow furniture dusters because they are really soft unlike mutton cloth which can and does scratch, to remove polish we use a green cloth called SPORTEX they are available from Tesco's for about �2.70 we have nick named them Magi cloths because there magic! (Copy right pending 'only joking') but seriously they are brilliant for removing polish without smearing or leaving polish dust behind.

Please do not use any products like Autosol metal polish, Autoglym metal polish and other products such as Braso these have a very strong gritty cutting agent which will scratch Stainless and chrome. They good for old dull alloy products such as header tanks and oil breathers etc.

How often do I need to clean my engine bay?

We recommend cleaning you're stainless and chrome products every 2 weeks if you keep to this time scale it should only take you 10 to 20 minutes, as it will already be pretty clean from the last time.

Cars in storage over the winter months
(Only read if your car is being stored for 1 month or more)

If you are wrapping your beloved fast ford up for the winter the only products you will need to take care of are the chrome products (if you are not sure what product is chrome and what's stainless please check on price list or e-mail us). The best way to make sure that your chrome products stay as they should is to remove them when in storage, Yes easier said than done but it is the best way to make sure, the other way is to cover chrome products with a thin layer of new engine oil or grease (apply with soft cloth/rag). This will stop the moisture in the air attacking the chrome.