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In stock Fiesta Mk7 ST180 Weitec coil over kit - Free fitting until end of November 2013
In stock Fiesta Mk7 ST180 Weitec coil over kit - Free fitting until end of November 2013
New! AIRTEC Fiesta ST180 Eco Boost Intercooler upgrade
New! AIRTEC Fiesta ST180 Eco Boost Intercooler upgrade
Ready to ship worldwide - AS Performance ST180 Induction kit
Ready to ship worldwide - AS Performance ST180 Induction kit


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Ford Fiesta MK6 bonnet lifter kit.

This kit is an easy and simple DIY modification to make to your car.

AIRTEC part no: ATMSFO68


Keep it AIRTEC and show your support with an AIRTEC Motorsport sun strip.

Black sun strip with printed white AIRTEC Motorsport.

130 cm wide x 22cm tall.

Part no: ATMER19

AIRTEC Motorsport Universal Oil Cooler

12-row core and satin black finish.

Available to suit -8 or -10 AN fittings.



Finally an off the shelf way to fit a Race Tow Strap for the Fiesta ST 150, no bumper removal and then never using it because your to scared it may crack your bumper due to being bolted in a incorrect towing position 

Complete kit £34.95.

Thread avalable on it's own, or with the optional tow strap.

Easy fit zinc plated Tow strap machined adapter thread 'M10 Thread' £24.95 (This is for customers wishing to use their own or different brand Tow Strap)

Registered Design Right number: 6046417

AIRTEC part no: ATMSFO40

AIRTEC are proud to introduce the front mount intercooler upgrade for the Mk6 Fiesta 1.6 diesel TDCI.

Designed to fit all 1.6 diesel models.

PLEASE NOTE: This intercooler kit will require trimming to the bumper and radiator cradle.. But its worth it!



Perfect for your Turbo'd or Supercharged ST150 & an ideal Intercooler for custom TDCI diesel upgrade (extra parts required to fit)

Available in Pro-Series Black or Polished Alloy




Light weight tube and fin core, perfect for your Turbo'd or Supercharged ST150.

Huge 45mm core, compared to Ford's 25mm core.

Available in Pro-Series Black or Natural Silver



The first off the shelf oil breather system for ST150.

Stops oil blowing out of top of cam cover and crank case breather.

Available in Polished Alloy or Pro-Series Black

AIRTEC part no: ATMSFO58


A must for track days - No more leaking power steering fluid all over your engine!

ST150 owners know, on hard cornering during fast road & track days, the standard reservoir has a huge fault; it can't cope and leaks out of the top of the cap, all over your engine bay and can ruin your track day!

Part no: PH/POWFO2


As Performance billet torque mount to fit the Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost, ST180, ST200 & Fiesta ST150

Our torque mount delivers on every level, from quality, price and usability.

Registered Design Right number: 6049904

AIRTEC part no: ATMSFO20


Great addition to your ST150; two-piece breather kit with Pro Hoses connecting hose and ready to fit with stainless jubilee clips

AIRTEC part no: ATIKFO10 


Five sizes available and only 2" wide at their highest point! Perfect for aftermarket intercoolers where space is limited.

AS part no: ASFAN01

Aerodynamic shape, fits all Fiesta Mk6 incl. ST150 & Zetec-S

Part no: ASCOVFO29

Wrap up! Heat wrap all those Turbo down pipes, manifolds and stop or prevent burnt wiring, cooked starter motors and more!

Comes as a complete kit including x 20 Stainless Zip ties.

AS part no: ASWRAP1

With it being made with Titanium it has an even higher temperture rating and its perfect for Track cars and Fast Ford

2" wide and 50ft long more than enough to wrap a exhaust manifold & down pipe.

AS part no: ASWRAP2